The reality of today’s landscape is that nonprofit programs and services are more needed than ever, the number of nonprofits is rising and the pool of potential donors is shrinking annually. You have to stand out from other nonprofits (Yes, they are “competition”), connect in meaning and relevant ways and build relationships that drive impact. And all of that has to be done in an environment of “mass personalization” created by for-profit companies that has re-set individual expectations for how all organizations and brands must communicate with them. Doing things the same old way simply is not an option for nonprofits.

Yet most nonprofits don’t have access to world-class digital transformation experience needed to meet people’s expectations for personal and meaningful connection. That’s where I help. 

I’ve been on the leading edge of data-driven, strategic mass personalized marketing, systems and operations for decades in start-ups, global Fortune 50 corporations and leading ad agencies. I intimately understand what you need to do and how to build the capacity to do it. 

I help nonprofits uncover opportunities to grow in areas of community/constituent need (capacity opportunity identification), differentiate both the promise (brand and messaging) and the delivery of solutions (capacity building), identify and attract new people and connect with them in meaningfully differentiated ways that motivate action, raise funds, drive advocacy and build loyalty. I leverage my unique set of experiences, areas of expertise and executional excellence to organizations needing to “up their game.”

Visually, it looks like this…

Strategic Capacity Building, Branding, Marketing and Fundraising Campaign Development for Nonprofits


Whether you are looking for a holistic approach to growing your organization through a modern digital transformation or need more focused individual services such as brand, messaging, segmentation, integrated advocacy or fundraising campaign planning and management, Google Ads Grant, or MarTech / Donor Management systems upgrade, please send me an email. I’ll review your information and site, then contact you to arrange an initial free call to discuss your needs and see if we are a good fit to work together.