Strategic Marketing

In a time when so many tactics and tools of marketing are changing, it is more critical than ever to have a modern strategic marketing plan - differentiated and inspiring brand, well-articulated segments, galvanizing personas, journey maps and messaging, revenue-driving KPIs, and a modern MarTech/CRM platform taylored to your needs.

If you realize you can't do things the same old way any longer, you're right. It is time to change. Changing the right things in the right ways takes the right combination of experience, innovation, and strategic vision. 

That is especially critical in the complex and regulated sectors in which I specialize and focus:
1. Sustainably managed wine, craft spirits and cannabis companies and brands. Conscious capitalism, social enterprise, triple bottom line, sustainable - however you refer to the ways you are making profits and a difference, I will help you grow.

2. Nonprofit businesses focused on addressing food and water issues, conservation of oceans, waterways and other ecosystems, social justice, and local human & environmental issues.

I operate my small business as a 1% For The Planet company.

"First and foremost is his character; Tom is someone that always looks to do the right thing. He’s very conscientious about social and environmental issues and ensuring that his own actions promote his beliefs. He manages himself and his business with integrity. He has a tremendous work ethic and is always striving for excellence."
John Ormiston, Co-Founder, 2020 Beverage Co.

Tom Lynch Bio

Tom Lynch Marketing Consulting Services

I started my career in LA, learning the foundations of category management and consumer/shopper marketing from one of the best - Gallo. I left there to be part of the marketing team at Benziger Family Winery where we revolutionized the way Americans make and drink wine. That experience sparked my entrepreneurial fire while also introducing me to sustainable agriculture and progressive stakeholder management practices. Those principles are the focus of everything I do now.

My unique blend of marketing leadership as a Fortune 50 executive, entrepreneur, nonpofit and social enterprise leader give me a depth and breadth of strategic vision that is very valuable in today's environment. I put that experience, expertise and all my professional contacts to work for you, helping you make a difference in your company and the world.

Some career highlights include: 
- Founder and manager of one of the first digital marketing agencies in America in 1994.
- Builder one of the first analytics departments.
- Co-author the IAB and ARF's "Online Playbook," defining modern attribution models and the first ROI model for omni-channel brand and acquisition marketing.
- Developer of the first integrated Business Strategy and Brand Planning department at global digital agency, Razorfish.
- Leader of the engagement for Kraft's "Organizing for Growth" transformation of integrated marketing and planning process for all brands.
- A marketing executive leader for one of the most successful new Fortune 50 brand launches ever at ING.
- Founder and manager a small nonprofit that implemented sustainable food garden programs and management training that led to the program being taken over by a local women-led committee within our five year goal. We also hit our five-year fundraising goal within 22 months.
 - Founder and manager of two sustainably run, social enterprise for-profit companies, one based on the international importation of FairTrade, Organic and indiginous-owned wines.
- Creator of more than 250 high-impact strategic plans and campaigns for dozens of for-profit, nonprofit, and sustainably run companies.  
- Created or directed multiple successful pro bono campaigns driving fundraising and advocacy for more than a dozen of nonprofits.
- Awarded EFFIE, Tellie, Webbie, London International, ONE Show and several other awards for campaigns and marketing programs.

Talk to me about your needs & how I can help you improve your marketing.

I have held management and executive positions within strategic consulting, brand management, brand integration and activation, category management, field marketing, corporate marketing, trade marketing, strategic consulting, nonprofit marketing and fundraising, and as a business owner. In those positions I have successfully launched more than 250 new business plans, brands, products, strategic plans, roadmaps, audience segmentations, campaigns and MarTech strategies for these CPG, wine & spirits and nonprofit brands, and dozens of others:

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"I was consistently amazed by Tom's steady manner, his laser focus and his ability to manage and lead clients to new and unknown places all while instilling a confidence that assured them they could follow him anywhere. He is a strong leader, a visionary and a great guy to work with."
Brooke Coe, Senior Integrated Producer, Satchi & Satchi, LA 

Services Provided

"When you only have nails in your bag, the hammer becomes the solution to every problem."

The first thing to know about my services is I am not an agency. My services are strategic, big picture, planning, long-lasting. I am free from even the slightest draw to create strategic foundations that favor the things I execute best, because I don't execute any campaign, design, program, etc. When I build your strategies, personas, customer maps, channel plans, brand architecture and MarTech strategies, you know they are based only on your business needs.

"When you offer the right content or experience to the right people, at the right time, in the right setting, all of your marketing is more effective."

Sometimes, investing in the foundational strategic work of marketing may seem like an luxury you can't afford, or maybe don't really need. Inspired, well-grounded strategic plans, brands, messaging and segmentation make ALL of your marketing work better, more often. Single digit increases in marketing effectiveness and efficiency more than pay for the cost of great strategic work. Every time. You actually can't afford to NOT do this work.

Tom Lynch Marketing Consulting Services - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Marketing is more than messages or experiences; it is also the ability to consistently deliver the promises made in marketing with products and services.
* Business review & marketing alignment
* Opportunity identification
* Customer & competitive research
* Segment definition
* Touchpoint & customer journey mapping
* Strategic roadmap creation
* Alternative distribution channels

Tom Lynch Marketing Consulting Services - Brand Management and Development

Brand Development

Today it is easier than ever to lose sight or your brand - your true essence - in the process of micro-evaluation and optimization of every message and placement. Your brand must be clear and compelling.
* Brand audit
* Brand positioning and differentiation
* Brand architecture
* Core messaging & messaging matrix
* New brand, product, service & program development

Tom Lynch Marketing Strategy - Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning

Modern marketing plans engage tightly defined segments across all key touchpoints with the most relevant messages, content and experiences, across the entire customer journey. I am media agnostic in planning.
* Integrated, omni-channel annual campaign planning
* In-store, event and non-media annual planning
* Analytics, KPIs, evaluation, optimization and metrics plan
* Staffing / agency recommendations 

Tom Lynch Marketing Consulting Services - MarTech Stack Planning

MarTech Strategy

Technology enables the level of relevant and meaningful engagement customers expect, from the simplest and least expensive MAP, CRM, CDP or DMP, with intimate knowledge of your business and marketing goals and audiences, I design the a platform for your needs.
* MarTech audit vs. current and planned marketing
* MarTech strategic plan:
 - Platforms
 - Integration
 - Optimization
 - Onboarding

Tom Lynch Marketing_Corporate Nonprofit Cause Partnerships_CSR

Corporate Cause Partnerships

Corporate Cause Marketing by way of partnerships with nonprofits is a growing way for nonprofits to get more exposure and funding, and corportions to meet their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals. But doing it well takes a strategic understanding of brands, audiences and business goals for both parties. It further requires high impact creative, implementation, activation, measurement, reporting and optimization in order to truly succeed. Unfortunately, at least some of these elements are too often missing.

My Fortune 500 corporate and nonprofit management experience and connections give me a unique ability to connect goals, brands and audiences in ways that deliver for both parties in these critical and meaningful partnerships.


Contact & Connect

From 20+ years in US and global corporations, agencies and consultancies I have a deep and rich set of executive connections and a history of delivering great marketing for them. I have their phone numbers and trust.


Brand & Audience

Identifying strategic alignment of mission, brand, audiences and business goals is the critical element at the core of all successful partnerships. I excell at finding the alignment and bringing the opportunity to life with passion and data.


Execute & Activate

Even the best partnerships with the best ideas will fall flat if not executed with creativity and attention to detail. My agency partner, Media Cause are experts at nonprofit & social enterprise campaigns. I work with them to ensure flawless execution.


Measure & Improve

I design your program to achieve specific measurable results for both partners. After launch, measurement begins and continues with reporting and recommendations that ensure performance and improvement.

Contact me or schedule a 15 minute introductory meeting to begin talking about taking your corporate cause marketing to a new level.

"Tom has the rare ability to see the big picture and lead strategy development as well as know that the stratgy lives via execution. Smart and a pleasure to work with."
Pam Peligian, SVP Marketing & Communications, Navy Federal Credit Union 

Why Sustainable / Social Enterprise Only?

I was introduced to sustainable growing practices and the sense of doing right by stakeholders and the wider world by Mike Benziger in the 90's. That was long before any of this had any buzz words attached to it, but the ideas and feeling stuck with me. As I have worked around the world with brands, businesses and nonprofits, I am just always happier when the work I do has an impact beyond my income and my clients' profits.

I've been lucky enough in business to now do only the work I want to do - work I am passionate about, can care deeply about, and feel good about no matter the financial arrangements. I guess the short answer to "why" is because it makes me feel good. I get to do good while doing well.

So, whether you operate sustainably for the environment, care for others in the world through "social enterprise" or "conscious capitalism" practices, I'd love to help you grow your business and the positive impact you are making.

"He is a creative soul with a great determination for accomplishment and to make business happen."
Steve Baskin, Chief Strategy Officer, Tribe 

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