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Earth Day: Light Messages, Dark Messages & Personas

(4/21/20) This Earth Day creates a great opportunity for earth-focused nonprofits, but without actionable personas, it is an opportunity many are not ready to take advantage of fully. Read how personas help you get the right message to the right people at the right time...

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Purpose, Covid-19, and Ford Motor Co. How Purpose Builds Value.

(4/09/20) "Pressure is something you feel when you have no idea what you're doing," said Chuck Noll.
Every person and company have been under a great deal of pressure lately. Over and over there have been examples of how companies with a clear purpose at the core of their operations have stepped up quicker and in ways that are both helping their community and building value for the company.

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Nonprofit Marketing During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Beyond

(3/30/20) For more than 40 years, American charitable giving increased even during recessions. Until the Great Recession of 2008, which saw giving drop by as much as 8%. This economic downturn is almost certain to be at least as bad.
When it comes to managing a nonprofit right now, much like in the fight against the Coronavirus itself, even small delays in taking the right actions will make the situation worse.

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For-Profits and Non-Profits Are Becoming A Little More Alike. And That Is A Good Thing.

(2/11/20) Historically, nonprofit organizations have eschewed core marketing practices like brand management, segmentation, and sometimes even thinking that what they do is not "marketing" at all. For-profit corporations have been just that - profits drive everything.

As Social Enterprise, Sustainability and Conscious Capitalism become mainstream and there is increasing pressure on nonprofits to attract Millennials, both types of organizations are adopting some of the best practices of the other.



(1/13/2020) This recent article in MarketingWeek highlights one of the problems agencies and their biggest clients are having: too often they put the efficiency of advertising before the effectiveness of hitting business goals. There is plenty of proof of this, not the least of which are the growing trends of agencies losing billings to consulting companies and CMO's being replaced by more business-oriented CGO's.
It is easy to see how we got here. We shifted from "I know only half my advertising works, but don't know which half" to "We can measure and tell you exactly which parts of your advertising is working best and shift dollars to those executions." Problem solved, right? Not exactly...