Google Ads Grant Marketing 

Google Ads Grant marketing is critical to your success.

The Google Ad Grant for nonprofits is one of the most critical marketing tools available.

Every nonprofit should have a Google Ads Grant. But to be successful, you need much more: a plan, expertise, ongoing trial and optimization, analytics, and ability to tie digital marketing performance to your fundraising, CRM platforms and your overall objectives.

The cost of failing to maximize the grant will result in lost opportunity for fundraising and advocacy, and if not managed properly can result in the loss of your grant.

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"Tom is a new media strategy all-star - he has been in the middle of every advance in new media from the beginning and continues to find ways to innovate. He always impresses me with his practical mix of creative and strategic thinking."
Derek van Nostrum, CMO, VSiN

<b>Free Evaluation</b>

We will review your current Google Ads set-up, campaigns, and the integration of your grant with Google Analytics, your fundraising platform, email, CRM and other marketing platforms you may have. You will receive a written recap of what we find, including suggestions for improving performance. <b>There is no obligation to retain us for any services.</b>

Managing Google Ads Grant for Success

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More Than Google Ads

We are certified Google Ads marketers, excellent at managing the entire Google Marketing Platform. You also benefit from more than 20 years of broad experience in acquisition marketing, analytics, testing and optimization. We also bring in-depth knowledge of integration with fundraising, CRM and other marketing platforms, maximizing integration and impact. The bottom line is, "we deliver for you."



FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME. We review your current Ads and Analytics structure and reporting, past and current campaigns, landing pages, integration with fundraising and CRM platforms, and overall performance. We make recommendations that will be the basis for Step 2.


Set-up and Integration

We ensure your technical structure is sound, Ads, Analytics, reporting, goals and funnel are set-up correctly and tied to your business results. Then we ensure it is all integrated with your SEO, fundraising platform, CRM and other markeitng platforms.


Audiences & Messaging

We plan an initial campaign focused on testing a broad combination of audiences, key words, messages and landing pages. We structure it with a variety of goals, all with A/B split testing so we make an immediate impact, while also learning what best drives clicks AND conversions.


Learn, Apply, Improve

Google Ads needs continual work. Popularity of key words and phrases change, interests through the year change, the Google algorithym changes, and opportunities change. We continually tweak and apply learning from one campaign to others, optimizing and improving performance.

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